Which bonus levels does the Gemix gem slot game icon correspond to?

The special thing about the Gemix gem slot game is that it has an attractive story-themed layout. The following article will help you learn about the bonuses through the Gemix gem slot game icons.

GEMIX is a slot game released by Swedish game developers. This is a famous slot game in the world of Slot games at online casinos. In addition to game development, the company has enhanced the functionality to three different levels of play, and background graphics with its own special icons and many other special effects.

In terms of level of play, GEMiX now offers three levels of play, including: the world of Miners, the world of the Princess and the world of the Wizard. So the background and theme of the game are designed in a very beautiful way. You will start level 1 with the world of miners. Furthermore, in each level world is defaulted with features that you can see on 7 × 7 setup rows.

Gemix gem slot game icon

When you come to Gemix gem slot game, you will be able to step into the world of Miners, Princesses and Witches. These worlds will be filled with precious gems. These are also the Gemix gem slot game icons. They come in different shapes and colors such as golden star, red heart, purple moon, orange blossom, green emerald, amethyst, emerald green, turquoise, etc.

Which bonus levels does the Gemix gem slot game icon correspond to - Which bonus levels does the Gemix gem slot game icon correspond to?

The first world you must go through is the world of Miners. Here, the miner will add Lantern Wild to the winning spins. Next, you will enter the world of Princesses. She will provide you with Lollipops as Wild. Finally, you will enter the Wizarding world. At that time, the witch will use her Magic Book as a Wild symbol in this third world.

Gemix gem slot game rewards

Overall, the Gemix gem slot game icons all contain varied design rewards with different levels giving you the right rewards. Of these symbols, the star is the most valuable. Next is the heart, the moon and the flowers. The lower value Gemix gemstone slot game icons are diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, …

Each spin wins, Crysta Charge orbs will recharge more energy to generate rewards to increase your power. This ball will spin continuously until fully charged. At this point, it will open up the respective powerful prizes for you. The more Gemix gem slot game icons explode, the more valuable rewards you have for you. However, each reward will require different ways of playing that are appropriate for each level.