About CyWay - About CyWay

Cameron Lew always felt passionate about games, social casino games. After some time living in Queenstown, he found a job as a Concrete finisher in Wellington. As time went by, he saved some money to pay for web development courses, which he managed to complete in a few months, when something unexpected happened.

In January of the present year, Covid-19 was hitting the country, and he lost his job. He had to go back to Queenstown to take care of his parents. After spending almost, a month playing online casino games, locked at home, he came up with the idea of creating an online casino webpage to share what he knew about it.

Friends Support

He felt like there should be another element that the webpage should provide to have a purpose than just information on casino games. That’s how he contacted his mates to help him out with ideas and decided to add the teaching element to the equation.

It wasn’t only about offering casino game reviews but to teach players how to play them with guides and strategies. The whole point was to help people by teaching them how to earn some money.

That way, CyWay emerged with a whole new purpose other than just offering games reviews.

CyWay’s Success

In March, the webpage was officially released, and soon enough, the success was tremendous because people of all ages started to use it. Quickly Cameron needed to hire staff to help him with the development and general management of the page.

CyWay appeared on the Queenstown’s newspaper as the first online casino webpage that helped players with trustworthy guides and information. From now on, the page established as a total success and got many critics around the country.

Today CyWay is a helpful resource for those who are looking to entertain themselves and not get bored, to gather friends to share good moments, or to help others to play and make the most of their time online.